Want to develop the best crypto apps ever, right here from Taiwan, and offer to millions of users worldwide?

Want to be based in Taiwan but work in a silicon-valley-like environment, and release world-class apps?

Want to work with some of the world's best front end and full stack developers?

Come change the world with us! Join this fast growing startup founded by software veterans and funded by top VCs, Skype co-founders, and the Taiwanese government (NDF)!


As a Frontend Engineer at XREX you will find yourself working with the latest technology to build some very innovative Fintech products. We are looking for dynamic individuals who like to learn new tech and apply it immediately. We are a dynamic start-up organization, working in a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on enjoying our work.

As we are generally adopting the newest frameworks and technology, our hiring emphasis is on finding people who know how to pick up new technology quickly rather than candidates who already know everything about the technology we are using. If you know something about the following technologies, and want to learn the rest, then come and talk to us:

- React
- React Native
- Angular
- WebSockets
- Material Design or Ant Design

In addition to tech skills, we are looking for people with a positive outlook on life who can get on with other colleagues and who have a sense of humor. It will be useful if you have some skills in English - some reading and writing are good enough.

We value being able to select the right technology for the task in hand - for instance, while Angular is great for larger, more complex projects, maybe it is overkill for a smaller project and React is better.

Don't eliminate yourself from consideration because you do not yet know ALL of these technologies - come and meet us and let's see if we fit what you are looking for!


  • 4+ years of experience
  • Must have: High knowledge of Angular framework; Javascript, HTML, etc; know how to automate testing (for instance Selenium); able to create coding standards and review process for others; experience with front-end security and secure communication with back-end; debugging skills; moderate Java skills (debug).
  • Good to have: Material Design; Java; experience with AWS; git; continuous deployment; some design skills; scaling of very large front-end systems.
  • Moderate to good English required

Taking the lead on a front-end web development that must scale to very high numbers of users, perform and be secure (security experts will help test this). This will be a start-up situation with no existing code. Must be able to start a project from nothing. Full-stack not required as dedicated back-end staff will provide back-end services, but a good knowledge of how the back end works is required.

Good to have:
- Material Design
- Java
- Experience with AWS
- Git
- Continuous deployment
- Some design skills
- Scaling of very large front-end systems

Location: Taipei

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