Want to build a worldwide brand from Taiwan, and to communicate our brand story to millions of users worldwide?

Want to be based in Taiwan but work in a silicon-valley-like environment, and to build world-class brands and products?

Want to participate in the global fintech and blockchain movement, and work at an English-speaking workplace?

Come change the world with us! Join this fast-growing startup founded by software veterans and funded by top VCs, Skype co-founders, and the Taiwanese government (NDF)!


As a Senior User Researcher at XREX, your insights will assist the team in creating innovative fintech services on a global scale. Delving into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you will identify unmet financial service needs from users, opening the door for the team to find innovative solutions.

You will collaborate across departments, from Product, Marketing, Growth, Data Analysis, and Business Development, to Customer Success. Your role will transcend team boundaries, combining acute user insights with your research and analysis skills to lead initiatives, foster team innovation, and assist in key product and growth strategies.

As part of our global team, your work will not just be acknowledged but celebrated across continents. Lead research initiatives across diverse Asian markets, working hand-in-hand with multifaceted teams to craft products that resonate on an international scale. Your contribution at XREX will echo beyond the confines of the company, impacting millions worldwide and laying the foundation for user-centric, world-class fintech solutions.

Join us at XREX, where your journey isn’t just about making a mark; it’s about igniting change in the fintech world, one insight at a time.


  • Utilize your research expertise and skills to deeply explore the unique value of cryptocurrencies for users and clearly articulate the 'why.'
  • Passionate about deeply understanding users, adept at using diverse research methods, and able to provide objective, unbiased, and insightful unique insights through systematic analysis frameworks to assist the team in products, and growth strategies.
  • Actively advocate the importance of user research, serving as a missionary to cultivate the team's belief in user research, thereby driving changes in products, and growth strategies. Train the team in basic interviewing skills and lead and assist internal stakeholders in meaningful dialogues with target users.
  • As the primary person responsible for research projects, effectively collaborate with cross-functional and international teams, including product, design, marketing, communications, growth, data, and customer service teams. Lead and collaborate with the team to define research objectives, develop and manage research projects, and help the team understand users' behavioral processes, needs, and pain points, thereby developing comprehensive action plans to create world-class fintech services.
  • Demonstrate excellent storytelling abilities, collaborating with the data team to efficiently communicate quantitative and qualitative research findings to the team.
  • Assist in recruiting and managing international research talents or research agencies.
  • Continuously learn and grow, constantly expanding your skills and deepening your industry knowledge and research capabilities.

Profile Requirements

    • Experience : A minimum of five years of experience in UX research with consumer mobile apps or fintech startups.
    • Comprehensive Research Skills : Mastery of qualitative research methods (exploratory and validation interviews, contextual inquiry, usability testing, cognitive walkthroughs, and prototype testing) and adept in various interviewing and analysis techniques, tailored to diverse research needs.
    • Problem-Solving and Innovation : Initiate research projects by collecting preliminary data through desktop research and community engagement. Work closely with stakeholders to identify and prioritize research topics that align with business objectives.
    • Research Project Management : Create detailed research projects that balance validity, reliability, and cost, ensuring alignment with goals and team capabilities. Plan and manage research timelines, resources, and communicate potential benefits, applications, and limitations with stakeholders.
    • Excellent Interviewing Abilities : Skillfully control the interview atmosphere and pace to ensure respondent comfort and trust. Utilize various questioning techniques to minimize bias and deeply explore valuable insights.
    • Research Data Analysis Proficiency : Adjust analysis methods to match the project's validity requirements and timelines. Expertise in identifying valuable patterns, synthesizing research findings, and providing actionable business recommendations using analytical frameworks and visualization tools (personas, journey maps, empathy maps, etc.).
    • Effective Presentation: Strong storytelling skills to distill compelling conclusions and narratives, alongside the ability to produce clear, concise research reports that highlight key findings.
    • Language Proficiency: Confidence in conducting research and analysis in both English and Chinese is essential, with a strong drive to solve customer problems and adapt to changing priorities.
    • Hands-on experience in cross country field research is essential, with Big Plus given to those who have conducted field researches in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Nice to Have

  • Experience living in emerging markets.
  • Multicultural background.

Application Instructions

Please include a link or PDF of your portfolio showcasing your abilities and experience relevant to the role. Highlight specific examples of your work, thinking, collaboration, and contribution to excellent design outcomes.

      Required number of talents: 1

      Please include your portfolio in your application, thank you!

      Location: Taipei (check us out on Google Maps!)

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